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Tall Built-In Cabinet Swings Out to Become Secret Door to Hidden Vault

Secret Cabinet Door Reveals Vault

This built-in wooden cabinet with doors looks very natural tucked into a formal room of almost any kind. Inside may be books, nick-nacks, or a small entertainment center. However this particular cabinet has a secret in the fact that it swings-out to reveal a hidden passage to vault door. This is a custom creation from […]

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Secret door behind billiard cue rack

Secret Door Behind Billiard Cue Rack

This door uses 4×4 ball bearing hinges and a 4″ wheel on the outer edge to support the weight of the door when it swings. The floor is feathered down as the door opens so the shoe doesn’t catch. When closed, the fit is tight, and you can not see a gap.

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How to make a pocket watch vault with secret compartment

Pocket Watch with Secret Compartment

Here’s a nice tutorial on how to make a pocket watch into a secret stash safe. It includes a variety of pics on the different steps in the process. Likely, your watch will be different, and the steps will vary slightly, but the overall outlook is good.

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Secret Bookshelf Door for Closet

Secret Bookcase Closet Door

Here’s a homemade secret bookcase closet door build directly in the old closet’s frame. It looks to be made out of pine with a simple screw and glue method. The hinges are visible in this swing-out style door, so it’s not a true secret, but still interesting and easy to replicate.

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DIY Whipped Cream Stash Can Safe

How to Make a Secret Stash Can Safe

Here is a list of 13 different tutorials on how you can build your very own diversion case safe. How to Make a Secret Stash Can Safe This tutorial gives you basic details on how to create your own stash can diversion safe from a soda can. It has pictures of them cutting the top […]

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WD-40 Secret Stash Can

WD-40 Stash Can Safe

The WD-40 Stash Can Safe is made from a real product can. These are great for closets, cabinets, under the sink, garages, sheds, and workshops. You can have one in your toolbox or with similar items in your car and not look out of place as well. WD-40 is a common item with a lot […]

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Battery stash safe with secret compartment

Battery Stash Can Safe

Battery stash can’s are a genius way to conceal small valuables and cash. Batteries can be loose in luggage and not look suspicious. They can also be stored inside other devices to even better avoid detection. If you go this route, be sure to use the batteries in low value items to lower the probability […]

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