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Secure Safe Room Construction

Storm Shelter Construction

The Family Handy Man gives general instructions on how to build a FEMA approved safe room in your home. This cutaway view shows the two layers of 3/4 inch plywood, 14 gauge steel, and the secure steel door required for a solid storm shelter.

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Hidden Bookshelf Door

Secret Swing-Out Bookcase Door

This custom swing-out secret bookcase door, along with a brief description and additional pictures, was posted in the comments of a related Instructables article. It was built to fill the space where a wet bar once stood, and to conceal a closet area behind. He used hinges and a hard rubber roller mounted on the […]

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Storage Drawers Concealed Under Steps

Storage Drawers Concealed Under Stairs

This Danish company makes drawers that fit into stairs. Without a translator, I’m not sure if they are a kit or custom installs, but either way it’s a solution to a common storage problem; what do you do with that little bit of space underneath the bottom stairs?

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