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Narnia Wardrobe to Secret Room

Narnia Wardrobe to Hidden Bathroom

We found this picture on with now description or background info. It’s a great implementation of a Wardrobe to Narnia. The full size mirror opens up, baseboard included, to reveal an entire room behind. If any one has more details, let us know!

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Secret Storage on the Bookshelf

Hidden Bookshelf Space with LP’s

Chris from Man Made DIY put this unique secret compartment together. He cuts out a large portion of some old 12″ vinyl record covers. he then glues them together using some pine boards for reinforcement. The build process is documented here. The finished result blends right in with the existing record collection. This same process […]

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Interior of Atlas Survival Shelter

Underground Atlas Survival Shelters

Atlas Survival Shelters creates these custom underground shelters to fit any need you may have. They are designed to be buried at least 10ft below ground level. This trap door is one way to enter it from the top. These underground pods can connect together, or it can open up into a house above. Each […]

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TacticalWalls Shelf with Hidden Gun Storage

TacticalWalls Hidden Gun Storage Shelf

The bottom of this shelf from TacticalWalls drops down to reveal secret gun storage compartment. TacticalWalls builds a variety of concealment compartments to discretely add storage for guns, ammo and other valuables to your home. These shelves are one of the newest products to come out of this company.

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Hidden Gun Compartment in Coffee Table

Hidden Gun Storage Coffee Table

The lid of this solid wood coffee table from The Rustic Acre lifts up to reveal storage for 4 long guns and 2 boxes of ammo. The ammo box lids of space for additional pistols. The lid locks to protect from unauthorized access. This table makes good use of normally unutilized space in the middle […]

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Secret Gun Compartment in Furniture

Hidden Long Gun Storage in Sofa Table

This handmade oak table from Stealth Furniture is perfect for use as an entry or sofa table. The thing that sets this table apart is a drop down door located at the end. The door allows for access to a long compartment, perfect for storing a rifle or shotgun within easy access of your entryway. […]

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Wall Mount Flag Case

Flag Case with Secret Gun Compartment

New Jersey Concealment Furniture is the 800lb gorilla in the handmade secret compartment furniture niche. Their wide range of offering blows most of the competition out of the water. Here’s a lesser known item from them. This is a functional flag case that mounts to the wall. The case actually lifts up to reveal a […]

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Secret Compartment Revealed Inside Shelf

Secret Compartment in Wall Shelf

This wall shelf from Meginnis Customs mounts to the wall and has enough storage space inside for a weapon, cash or other valuables you want to keep out view of prying eyes. The shelf slides out horizontally as to not disturb any items that may be displayed on top, but still allows easy access to […]

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Secret Compartment in Wall Shelf

Drop Down Hidden Shelf Compartment

This handmade oak wall shelf we found on Etsy has a secret drop down shelf hidden inside. The top shelf stays flat to keep from disturbing anything on display. The drop down compartment has a felt lined interior held closed by a magnet lock. To open you place a wooden barrel with a neodymium magnet […]

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