Hidden Compartment Furniture

End Table with Secret Gun Compartment

The guys over at DFendIt.com make a variety of tables like this with quick access secret compartments for storing guns, weapons, flashlights and other goods at arm’s reach. They do small side tables, sofa tables, or can custom design something to fit your space and needs. A hidden magnetic latch keeps your guns and goods […]

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Hidden Compartments in Furniture

Secret Drawer and Compartments in Nightstand

The guys over at New Jersey Concealment have crafted this extraordinary nightstand. Not only are there hidden compartments in each side next to the drawers, but a hidden drawer pulls out from the top to reveal additional secret storage. When not in use, all doors and drawers close up to look like a mundane piece […]

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Secret Bookcase Door - Open

Secret Door from Ikea Bookshelves

Confronted with a bedroom in the basement with no separation from the TV room, user deanaronson over at Ikea Hackers created this wall of bookshelves with a secret door. They used three 30″ wide bookcases and a 15″ case on the far left to create the divider. The back was strengthened by adding plywood to […]

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Scarf with Secret Pocket

Scarf with Secret Stash Pocket

Victoria Brewer at Betabrand created this large scarf that conceals a zippered stash pocket inside. The hidden pocket is big enough to hold a passport while traveling, or credit cards and ID for a night out. Betabrand isn’t making this scarf just yet, but you can show some support by voting for it here. Drop […]

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Thin Backpack Hides Laptop Under Jacket

Check out this Under The Jack Pack from our friends at Betabrand. Inspired by an employee that walked through a rough area in San Francisco each day, this slim backpack is basically a laptop sleeve that conceals holds your laptop directly against your back. It can easily be concealed under a jacket, coat or hoodie […]

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DIY Secret Wall Compartment

DIY Secret Door Panel in Wall

A user named Nscottrdcs over at Instructables built this great secret compartment into the wainscoting of his home. Using board and batten, and common off the shelf components they created a fully function hidden panel that opens up to reveal a fairly sizable storage space.

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Secret Gun Storage Behind Mirror

Hidden Gun Compartment Behind Mirror

We found this Instructable on creating a secret gun compartment in the wall. Gadget-man explains how to cut into the wall, frame the area and hinge a mirror to conceal the area. He also used a keypad behind a nearby picture to lock and unlock his secret compartment.

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Hidden Storage Behind Headboard

Hidden Storage DIY Headboard Area

This DIY headboard is one of Glue Gun Annie’s projects that she presents with a complete how-to instructional post. Her situation was unique. Her bed normally set back in a creepy nook. She moved the bed out, and fashioned these fabric covered panels to conceal the area. There are shelves installed inside that can be […]

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Secret Compartment Staircase

Hidden Storage In Stairs

This custom French staircase from MID-BOIS is designed to make the most of the available space. The lower four stairs each have a hidden door, panel or drawer that allows access to secret storage compartments. The upper stairs go over the bathroom, with the top two acting as additional shelf space.

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