Lockable Car Console and Safe

Universal Car Safe Console

This console from Tuffy is made to be universal and fit a variety of vehicles with space between the front or rear seats. It immediately ads an armrest and cup holders to any space. There’s a space for a stereo, CB or other radio with a metal cover that can be flipped up for protection. […]

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Secret Compartment Furniture - Coffee Table with False Bottom Gun Storage

Hidden Gun Storage in Coffee Table

This coffee table from VCT Woodworks on Etsy has a false bottom that can be lifted out to access the firearms storage compartment below. This setup may be a little more inconvenient than others to store a quick access firearm, but it still keeps your guns close by and out of the way.

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Secret Compartment Kitchen Furniture

Hidden Drawer in Kitchen Cabinet Unit

We’ve featured some items from Meginnis Customs before. Here they have a custom kitchen cabinet unit that can hold your microwave, appliances or other items. In the hutch above is a secret drawer that can hold valuables, a firearm or whatever you may need. Item can be made to order using any wood you choose.

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Gum Container Becomes Secret Compartment

DIY Secret Compartment for Cup Holder

We found this quick little hack on Wonder How To.com. The author of the particular article takes a round candy/gum dispenser and covers the top with a rubber sheet cut in a round shape to fit their cup holder. When the rubber piece is affixed with double sided tape, the whole unit can be concealed […]

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Hidden Drawers in Table

Sofa Table with Secret Drawers

The guys over at Top Secret Furniture have made this sofa or entry table with two secret drawers that pull out from the end. Each drawer is undetectable and locked when closed and can be unlocked with a key, combination lock or wireless keypad. The secret compartments are made with dovetailed corners and supported by […]

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Corset Holds Two Pistols

Concealed Carry Corset

Petite females have fewer options when it comes to concealed carry of firearms. This concealed carry corset available from Tactical Sh*t intends to change that. It provides pockets in the front for two handguns that can be accessed quickly and easily, but well covered up with any loose clothing.

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Secret Bookcase Door

Secret Bookcase Door in Home Office

This New Jersey home has a magnificent hidden passage built into the home office. Miller Architecture constructed this long series of custom bookcases, one of which swings out to become a secret door. With the craftsmanship of this installation, I wouldn’t doubt if there are a number of other hidden features incorporated as well

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TV Mount Hidden Wall Safe

Wall Mount TV Hidden Compartment Safe

Here is a creative product from Cannon Security Products. This version of their quick-access, wall safe includes an arm to mount up a 65″, or 80lb flat screen TV. The safe is made of steel and includes an electronic keypad lock that instantly drops the access door. There are multiple LEDs inside the safe interior, […]

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