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Door to Kid's Hideout in Closet

Hidden Kid’s Door in Closet

This house has a miniature version of the front door hidden in the back of a closet. The small door leads to a kid’s hideout under the stairs. A picture frame in the hallway opens up to reveal a snack door to the secret hideout.

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Under Floor Bedroom Storage

Under Floor Bedroom Linen Storage

Here’s an idea for small apartment spaces. Store your linens under the floor to save space and have functional storage. You’ll also notice this bed has functional drawer storage underneath to make even better uses of space.

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Hidden Room Concealed by Bookshelf Door

Secret Room Under Stairs Behind Bookcase Door

This custom built-in bookcase by Robeson Design is actually a door to a hidden closet under the stairs. The arched top remains stationary as the bottom part swings in to reveal the secret room. Strong hidden hinges were used, as well as flexible conduit to add lighting each shelf.

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