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DIY Under Floor Storage

How to Create Under Floor Storage

This article from the DIY Network shows step-by-step how to remove a section of flooring and install a secret storage cubby below. While this may seem like an exotic feature, it can be done relatively easily in many homes.

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Hidden Compartment for Cash or Papers

DIY Secret Compartment in Pencil

Andrew Salomone over on Instructables.com describes how to create a secret compartment in a standard No.2 pencil. He uses several in-progress photos and details the construction fluently. You need a drill press in order to hollow the pencil, but the rest of the process looks pretty straightforward.

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Secret Compartment Book for Nexus

Homemade Hollow Book Nexus Cover

A friend of mine brought his Nexus over to the house in this homemade hollow book case. He said it took a couple hours to complete and works nicely. He made the cuts from the rear of the book, so they gradually get smaller toward the front. If he were to do it again, he’d […]

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Secret Storage Compartment Under Top of Homemade Nightstand

DIY Nightstands with Hidden Compartments

This simple homemade nightstand featured by MyDIYHome includes a hidden storage compartment underneath the top. This method uses no hinges or slides and makes it less handy to access contents of the compartment, but also makes it cheap and easy to construct.

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