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Steel Lockable Under Seat Truck Safe

Lockable Under Seat Box

Summit Racing carries this lockable steel box that mounts under a truck seat to secure guns, weapons or other valuables. The drawer comes with keys and attached tabs that can be used to bolt it to the floor.

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Bottle Lock for Bicycle with Hidden Key Compartment

Bicycle Bottle Lock

This bicycle Bottle Lock from Kuat looks like a bottle and fits in the bottle cage of your bike. The 5 foot cable winds up inside the bottle by twisting the lid. There is also a secret compartment in the bottom for storing keys, cash or other valuables.

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Hidden Compartment in Desk Drawer

Secret Lockable Compartment in Desk

This antique French desk has a secret lockable compartment in one drawer. Once you lift out the half depth tray, a second lock is revealed. Unlocking this lock allows a top board to slide backward, opening the secret compartment.

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Floorboards with Secret Interior Compartments

Secret Compartment Motorcycle Floorboards

Convict Custom Cycles offers these Lockdown Flor-Bordz ™ for the front and rear of FLH and softail models of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The floor boards open to reveal a secret compartment that can be used to store your registration, tools, firearms, first aid or any number of other supplies. They are produced in black or […]

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Bike Alarm and Steel Cable Lock

Bicycle Alarm and Cable Lock

This bicycle alarm listed on Ebay mounts to the bicycle and includes a steel cable lock. If the cable is cut or damaged, the alarm sounds. This is more affective than most bike alarms because it’s attached to the bicycle. The Thief can’t get away from the sound, and everyone’s going to look his way.

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Mechanical Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box with Special Locked Compartment

There are 56 pictures of this custom jewelry box on Izismile.com, and you need them to figure out what’s going on with this contraption. It’s complicated box that includes custom keys, and a metal mechanism that hides a secret compartment for an engagement ring.

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Pepsi Machine Turned Into Secure Gun Cabinet

Pepsi Machine Turned Into Gun Safe

This outdated Pepsi machine has been converted into a secure gun safe. The outer shell of the machine is already made secure with a locking mechanism. One only needs to gut the machine, and finish out the interior in any material and fittings they choose.

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