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Security Services

StashVault offers a wide range of educational and consulting services.

  • Estate Security Consulting – Prepare a plan that uses the many tools available to secure individual estates, their occupants, and their assets.

  • Physical Asset Acquisition Strategies – Fulfill a percentage of your long-term investment needs by acquiring physical assets with strong value holding potential. Whether this is in precious metals or other collections, we can layout a general strategy for purchasing products based around your budget and securely displaying or concealing said assets.

  • Vault and Safe Procurement – Let us find the perfect vault, vault door or security safe for your needs. From private underground vaults to antique home safes, we can find the right solution to secure your important documents, investments and collections.

  • Secret Compartment and Hidden Passage Planning – Use misdirection and wasted space in your business or residence to add an extra level of concealment to your stashes. We can create plans for concealed bookcase doors and completely hidden rooms to new or existing structures.

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