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Finely Crafted Safe Door on Furniture

Security Furniture by Dottling

This security furniture line by Döttling is called Safiture. It’s made around a secure steel core. It can be covered and outfitted to specifically fit the purchaser’s needs. Materials include stainless steel, woods of all kinds, leather and bulletproof glass. Locking mechanisms can be controlled by secret hand activation or through a phone. The furniture […]

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Bike Alarm and Steel Cable Lock

Bicycle Alarm and Cable Lock

This bicycle alarm listed on Ebay mounts to the bicycle and includes a steel cable lock. If the cable is cut or damaged, the alarm sounds. This is more affective than most bike alarms because it’s attached to the bicycle. The Thief can’t get away from the sound, and everyone’s going to look his way.

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Platform shoe with secret stash compartment

Secret Compartment Platform Shoes

These shoes aren’t going to compete in many fashion competitions, but they do include secret compartments and features to assist a female in case of attack. Targeted at sex workers, the platform shoes contain storage areas for valuables, an audible alarm, and an emergency GPS locator. These are targeted at sex workers due to an […]

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