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Heel of Leather Shoe Holds Whiskey Bottle

Secret Compartment in Heel of Shoe

This secret compartment is more novelty than anything else. The compartment is only concealed when you’re feet are on the floor, but we wanted to feature it anyways. These $500 leather shoes from Oliver Sweeney include a custom heel that conceals a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Scotch Whisky. If you ever need fancy footwear […]

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Secret Compartment Tampon with Wrapper

Fake Tampon Hidden Compartment

Urban Outfitters offers these classy, fake tampon “Booze Tubes” for females to smuggle into concerts and sporting events. The thought is that no one is going to extensively search your tampons. Beyond the specified contraband uses, it’s great for stashing extra cash in a lady’s purse, drawer or car.

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