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Stash of cash melted in stove/oven

Don’t Stash Money in Oven

A Sydney, Australia man recently sold his car for $15,000 (approximately $15,652 in U.S. dollars). For whatever reason, he stashed the cash in his oven which rarely gets used. Unfortunately, his wife decided to use the oven that day to cook chicken nuggets for his two children. The cash was cooked into a burnt mess. […]

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Safes, Cash Wash Up on Japan Shores After Tsunami.

Safes, Cash Wash Up on Japan Shores After Tsunami.: djdkt88: OFUNATO, Japan – There are no cars inside the parking garage at Ofunato police headquarters. Instead, hundreds of dented metal safes, swept out of homes and businesses by last month’s tsunami, crowd the long rectangular building.Any one could hold someone’s life savings.Safes are washing up […]

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Cash Stash Found in Just Bought House Returned

A couple bought a house in Utah, where the previous owner, Arnold Bangerter, had passed away. Upon getting the keys and checking it out, the husband, Josh Ferrin, finds $45,000 in cash and other valuables stashed in the ceiling. The stash was housed in 8 WWII ammo boxes, and included cash, old stamps, bond certificates […]

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