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Pistol Beneath Tissue Box

Gun Safe Hidden Below Tissue Box

This tissue box is made of ABS plastic, but has a faux wood finish. It allows you to add concealed storage of a handgun to any room. The foam pad is customizable to fit your gun and/or accessories. It even comes with a box of tissues. This container doesn’t lock though, so be sure to […]

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iPhone Dock Clock Radio and Security Safe

Clock Radio Safe and iPhone Dock

This RadioVault from Cannon Security is a radio alarm clock that will dock older 3 and 4 series iPhones. It also houses a hidden drawer safe that’s accessed from the biometric fingerprint lock on top. We don’t know much about the construction of this item, or if it has any way to run a cable […]

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Library Finds Gun Hidden in Book

Gun Found in Hollow Book Compartment

A book recently donated to the Valparaiso branch of the Porter County Public Library contained a shocking surprise. A .31-caliber, single shot, black powder gun was found hidden in a secret compartment hollowed out in the book. Records aren’t kept on donations, so there was no way to find out who the gun originally belonged […]

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Pillow with hidden stash compartment

Pillow with Secret Stash Compartment

This pillow is actually a diversion safe with a secret compartment that can be used to conceal any number of items. Generally better used in the bedroom than in a living room, where it will be handled less and can be kept more secure. If pillow is in a place where it will be handled […]

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Battery stash safe with secret compartment

Battery Stash Can Safe

Battery stash can’s are a genius way to conceal small valuables and cash. Batteries can be loose in luggage and not look suspicious. They can also be stored inside other devices to even better avoid detection. If you go this route, be sure to use the batteries in low value items to lower the probability […]

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Custom Homemade Hidden Booksafe with Cutout for Pistol

Custom Hollow Book Safe for Pistol

Hollow book to stash pistol cuddlefishfarm: Ok, all that’s left to do is let the glue finish drying. I’m going to let it cure probably at least overnite before I really use it. I want to make sure as its drying that the corners don’t turn upwa…

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