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Secret Compartment Door on Custom Dresser

Dresser with Secret Compartments

Niangua Furniture makes this solid walnut and hickory dresser with a few surprises. There is a hidden drawer just underneath the top for storing valuables and private items. The sides of the cabinet also swing out to reveal large hidden storage areas.

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Hidden Compartment in Shelf

Hidden Compartment Coat Rack/Shelf

NJ Concealment Furniture makes these coat rack/shelf combos that lift up to reveal a secret compartment. The top shelf tilts back when you open the compartment, so you’ll need to be careful as to what you store on top if you intend to access the interior. Inside dimensions are large enough to store firearms, ammo, […]

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Auto Console Bunker Firearm Storage

Console Bunker Firearm Storage

This ConsoleBunker By Heracles Research is an aluminum center console for secure firearm storage. The lock is tied into your factory door locks, and it holds a M-4, shotgun and hand gun securely. There is additional space to allow a large first aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

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