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Interior of Luxury Gun Safe

Luxury Gun Safe by Brown

Brown Safe makes this large double doored safe called the Custom Estate 7256. It functions as both a gun safe and luxurious home security safe. Several upgrades are available including LED lights and watch winders. The gun rack compartment includes space for up to 23 long guns.

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Hidden Room Behind Secret Door

Secret Home Theater Door

User: Triggur on Reddit built hid basement out with a secret arched door that opens to reveal a home movie theater. The owner constructed a latch mechanism that releases when the framed picture it tilted to the side.

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Home Security Combination Safe

Using Safes for Multiple Purposes

Using Safes for Multiple Purposes: viktormorgan: When it comes to special measures for keeping important papers, guns and other items secure, there are a number of different types of safes available. Consumers can choose from items designed to be use…

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