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Puzzle Box Table Includes Hidden Compartments

Puzzle Table with Secret Compartments

The Play! Table from GENERATE includes a sliding puzzle top. Each time the puzzle is rearranged, the open slot reveals one of sixteen different secret storage compartments. The price tag of $7,599 makes it unfeasible for most rational folks, but the concept still looks fun.

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Custom secret compartment box

Secret Compartment Treasure Box

We’ve shown off Scott Dworkin’s craftsmanship before with his secret compartment coffee tables, but check out this highly detailed treasure box full of secret compartments. While not practical for many applications, the precision and complexity of this piece make it amazing none the less. We hope Scott continues to have fun exploring puzzles and secret […]

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Coffee table with secret compartments opened up

Secret Compartment Coffee Tables

Scott Dworkin makes these finely crafted coffee tables with a series of intricate secret compartments embedded within. The attention to detail appears to be incredible. These particular secret compartments are visible to the naked eye when closed. They are best used as a puzzle and novelty than to actually conceal valuables, but we couldn’t overlook […]

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