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Long Guns Hidden in Bed Headboard

Hidden Long Gun Storage Headboard

We weren’t able to find out much info from LCSI Concealed Storage, but they have a created a few beds with an unprecedented amount of storage space. Some of that storage space comes in the way of drop down headboard panels like this one to reveal space for storing multiple long guns. Their beds commonly […]

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Secure Hidden Compartment Behind Vent

Quick Access Wall Vent Safe

This hidden safe available from Bonanza is disguised as a wall vent and is large enough to store handguns, cash, ammo and other valuables. It is made to be mounted in the wall between the upright studs on 16″ center. The hidden compartment inside can be quickly accessed by passing a RFID card across the […]

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How To Make Magnetic Gun Holder

How to Make a Magnetic Gun Holster

Tactical Intelligence has this tutorial on how to make your own quick access magnetic pistol holster using a paint stick, heat shrink tubing, and some magnets. These can be mounted under a desk, next to your bed, or in a closet to keep a hand gun at hand at any time.

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