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German Watch Safe

Luxury Buben and Zorweg Watch Safe

This luxury safe from Buben and Zorweg protects or displays 21 watches. The unique mechanism pulls the case with a lockable glass door down into a protective vault when not being accessed. Made in Germany, X-007 comes with several additional storage drawers and LED lighting.

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Pillow with hidden stash compartment

Pillow with Secret Stash Compartment

This pillow is actually a diversion safe with a secret compartment that can be used to conceal any number of items. Generally better used in the bedroom than in a living room, where it will be handled less and can be kept more secure. If pillow is in a place where it will be handled […]

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Secret second drawer hidden in desk

Secret Compartment Behind Desk Drawer

A secret compartment is hidden is attached to a board to work as a second drawer under and behind the primary drawer in this desk. The main drawer is shallower than it would be otherwise, but would be hard to detect as concealing anything unusual. This method of creating secret compartments is very simple but […]

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