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Carpeted Trap Door to Basement

Hidden Trap Door to Basement

We found this basement entrance hidden under a carpeted trap door on Photobucket. It appears the door conceals the seldom used basement and allows for the space above to be used as a small office area when closed. An installation like this goes against some building codes in the US, and could cause allow for […]

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Hidden Storage Under Stairs

Hidden Storage In Stairs

A user named Daniel on Apartment Therapy designed these stairs to make use of limited space in a 720 sq ft home. The treads on these stairs lift up to access hidden storage directly below. Two foot deep plywood boxes are located underneath the stairs to hold cowboy boots.

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Trap Door in Floor - Open

Custom Oak Trap Door in Floor

Bob Durnell posted this custom woodworking project over at LumberJocks. The small, seldom used basement of a California home lent itself to be accessed by a trap door. Bob lined up oak boards with the existing hardwood floor. He then epoxied those to an MDF board and reinforced it with iron channel for strength and […]

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Guns Secretly Stored Under Stairs

Hidden Gun Storage Under Stairs

Smart Product Technology makes a kit to turn several of your bottom stairs into a hidden lift-up door. This kit allows you to reach the area underneath the stairs, or space inside the actual framing of the stairs. This can be used for storing guns and valuables. SPT makes the kits for any standard constructed […]

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Swing-out Bookcase Door

Secret Room Found Behind Bookcase Door

A user on Reddit uploaded pics to this Imgur gallery of a secret bookcase door they found in their house. Kids were playing and found out this bookcase pivoted out to reveal a spiral staircase behind. Half way down the staircase is a secret crawlspace that some unknown person had been recently living in.

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Secret Priest Hole Under Stairs

Secret Room Under Stairs

The stairs at Harvington Hall lift up to reveal a secret priest hole underneath. The hidden area consists of two rooms. The first is a small compartment where they would place insignificant treasures, hoping that would be enough to distract anyone searching. The actual priest hole was behind a second door in the back of […]

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