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Legs of Table Become Nunchucks

Table with Secret Nunchucks

This table is mounted to the wall. The legs are for looks only and remove quickly to become impromptu nunchucks should a weapon be needed. Table leg nunchucks aren’t going to be very effective for most people, so this is more of a novelty, but still shows that interesting ideas are possible if you think […]

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Hidden Compartment in Upcycled Table

Secret Compartment Upcycled Table

Upcycled Woorworks builds and sells tables out of old pallets. This particular nightstand includes a lift-up top that unlatches and reveals a hidden compartment in the rear. This table differs from many others in that the compartment doesn’t extend to the front. Someone quickly checking under the top with their hand may overlook the missing […]

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Hidden Dining Room in Floor

Secret Sunken Dining Room Table

I don’t have any info on this setup, but it appears the hole can be covered and used as floor, or opened and used as a table. Seems like a stretch for this to be easily accessible, clean and useable, but I wanted to feature it out of pure bizarreness.

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