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Hidden Compartment in Trapezoid Jewelry Box

Secret Compartment Jewelry Box

This wooden jewelry box has layers that swivel to reveal individual compartments. Access is gained to the secret compartment by lifting the top section off and removing a panel held on with magnets. This box can be purchased on Etsy. The draw back to jewelry boxes with secret compartments is if the thief takes the […]

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57,500 Carat Emerald, the Worlds Largest

World’s Largest Emerald

This 57,500 carat gem is supposed to be the world’s largest emerald. Regan Reaney recently purchased it in India, but was then arrested for Ontario fraud charges. Reaney had planned to sell the stone at auction for 7 figures. The auction went on as scheduled, but the emerald did now sell. No further information was […]

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Secret safe stash compartment under bed for gun and valuable storage

Bed Bunker Secret and Secure Storage

The Bed Bunker is a secret safe that fits under your mattress to make use of wasted space, and securely store guns and valuables. You’d have to push your significant other off the bed to get to a firearm stored there in an emergency, but they are accessible in your bedroom if needed. These are […]

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