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HingeMate Mounted to Door

HingeMate Mounted to Door

Erie Products out of Sandusky, OH sells these passive deadbolts called HingeMates. They can be used in existing commercial door applications to reinforce the hinged side of the door. The pin replaces a screw in each hinge of the door. When the door is closed, the pin recesses into the hole in the doorframe. This helps keep the hinge side of your door to remain secure even if your hinge pins were removed or cut off outside your building.

Life Safety Codes requires that most commercial doors be side-hinged and swing in the direction of egress from a building. This means the hinge pin is exposed to the outside in most commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. If your warehouse backdoor doesn’t have a full cross bar lock already, these HingeMates are a cheap and easy way to add one more level of security.

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