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While surfing through the depths of the internet we came across this interesting hidden safe at Scully and Scully. It’s a smaller, table top safe with an exterior casing made to look like a row of old, leather bound books. It appears to be real leather over wood, and the piece is handmade in Italy.

Electronic Safe Made to Look Like Leather Books

It may be apparent to thief that these aren’t real books, unless they’re fitted into just the right height bookshelf. The price point on these is a little on the higher side at $695, so you may be dealing with a larger library than us.

Either way, we love the style and look forward to more products like this. If you properly mounted it to a large built in bookcase, it would be a great place to store heirloom jewelry and other valuables.

Secret Compartment Bookshelf Safe - Opened
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