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RF ID Card Unlocks Wall Vent Safe

Swiping an RF ID card across this vent pops open the front door to access the inner compartment. – Source: http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Safe-Quicksafes-Hidden-Compartment-Vent-rfid-Quick-Wall-Access-New-Safes-Air-Loc/270383045?goog_pla=1&gpid=18283950120&keyword=&goog_pla=1&pos=1o2&ad_type=pla&gclid=Cj0KEQjwt-G8BRDktsvwpPTn1PkBEiQA-MRsBfBfgHLrQJIV946uDm_UsYzFKyqputBG_hAH1PTCnhoaAnT98P8HAQ

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