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Steel Entry Door with Faux Wood Finish

Steel Entry Door with Faux Wood Finish

This heavy duty security door from The Great Door Company in South Africa is reinforced with a steel inner core, 5 additional bolts, and a steel frame to withstand burglars and direct attacks. The armored lock in this door is protected with manganese plates, and each bolt is enclosed in a protective sleeve in the door. The door is thermally insulated and is rated fire resistant for up to 45 minutes at 1000 degrees F. The rock wool in the door also makes the door a good sound insulator.

The key feature leading us to present this door is it’s exterior appearance. It can be made in a number of finishes, but all look as though it’s a standard entry door. This keeps your home or office safe, without the visual impact of a steel door, bars, gates or other protective measures.

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