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Secret Hollow Book with Flask

Secret Hollow Book with Flask

I recently acquired a sleek new stash book from John and Kara over at Secret Safe Books. I didn’t know what to expect, but the quality and presentation of the product was top notch.

Secret Safe Books offers a number of titles of real books that they cut the center out to provide a hidden compartment to store your treasures. I chose the title “How to Fix Damn Near Everything”. The title would not look out of place on any of my shelves. When you open the cover though, the real surprise is revealed. A stainless steel flask is contained inside within a custom shaped cutout. You can add your spirit of choice to help fix whatever’s broken.

The book came packaged in a brown paper wrapper complete with string, bow and personalized note. John and Kara do an excellent job at creating and presenting these little treasure capsules. I’d highly recommend these as a great gift idea for any one on your list that likes a little surprise.

Secret Book Safe Packaging

Packaging for Secret Book Safe

Secret Book Safe Cover

How to Fix Damn Near Everything – Secret Book Safe Cover

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