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Confronted with a bedroom in the basement with no separation from the TV room, user deanaronson over at Ikea Hackers created this wall of bookshelves with a secret door. They used three 30″ wide bookcases and a 15″ case on the far left to create the divider. The back was strengthened by adding plywood to the wall and the door.

Secret Bookcase Door - Open

Secret Bookcase Door Opens to Reveal Hidden Bedroom

The door was hung on a heavy-duty piano hinge and trim was added to the bottom of the moving shelf. A custom latch opens the door by tilting a secret book on the shelf. I space heater was mounted in the center of the wall. The final result is a beautiful, functional wall that completely hides the living space behind.

Secret Ikea Hack Bookcase Door - Closed

Secret Bookcase Door in Basement Conceals Bedroom Behind

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