Secret Bookcase Door with Tilting Book Access | StashVault - Secret Stash Compartments

This secret bookcase door from HiddenDoorStore contains all the common features of a built in secret bookcase door. It’s nicely flush mounted into the wall using the same techniques as their more expensive custom installations. The bookcase is available with a number of finishes and colors. They can also built it out to various security levels.

Secret bookcase door with gun room

One area where these guys differ from many of the other providers is in access methods that are available. There’s a magnetic key included. Or you can opt for more involved wireless fob or keypad control. You can also get a tilting book access. The book is wireless and can be covered in a number of different covers. You can place the book anywhere on the shelf, and only need to tilt it toward you to unlock the door.

Secret Bookcase Door Closed
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