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Secret electrical wall socket stash safe conceals valuables

Secret Electrical Outlet Safe - Great for money, jewelry, keys, data, and more!

Secret electrical socket safes are a great entry-level stash spot purchase, and are a great addition to a complete security plan as well. These are geared more toward folks the own their home, but if you install these in an apartment you’ll likely have your deposit back before they realize the outlet isn’t working.  Everyone will get a surprise when the electrician comes to fix it after the new tenants complain.

Stash spots that use diversion, like electrical outlet safes, are best kept discreet. Install them in private or very low trafficked areas when possible. One of these in the corner of your bedroom is much less likely to draw attention than a fake outlet next to the couch, where a visitor may try to plug in his laptop or cell charger.  Many of these have the outlets turned upside down, which is a commonly used to indicate that the outlet is on a switch.  This makes a fake outlet a little less suspect if someone does try to use the fake outlet.

Electrical Wall Outlet Stash Safe

Wall Socket Stash Safe comes with safe, cover plate, 2 keys, a hole cutout template, and a drywall saw

The cost of an electrical socket safe is very low. All the socket safes we’ve seen are of a similar design copying standard wall plates and outlets, and hinge directly on the drywall. They’re bigger than most people think, and can store items up to almost 8 inches long. It’s a good idea to cover the edge of the drywall hole with duct tape to keep gypsum dust from being disturbed when you open the outlet stash. Under normal circumstances they will still last a lifetime due to the little actual use or abuse to the outlet itself. Most times it’s closed and acts just like an ordinary wall socket.

Possibilities are endless on what can be stored in a small wall safe like this, but we like the idea of cash, a small knife, and a few essential emergency items just in case. Use it cautiously and you can conceal items from other roommates without drawing attention to yourself. You can effectively store $10,000-$20,000 in pure gold bullion in an electric socket safe if it tickled your fancy. They’re also good for heirloom jewelry, gems, and watches. Under normal circumstances I’d recommend a substantial safe for securing anything of real value, but I realize many times we don’t live under normal circumstances. A secret wall safe fills an important need for many people. Kids love them, too.

Start your secret stash habit with one of these easy to install wall safes. Cheap, and very unsuspecting.

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