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This site was created due to curiosity about and a desire to create secret stashes. This desire is shared by a number of people, but since the topic is inherently about secrecy, it doesn’t get discussed much.

That said, we are constantly bombarded with the concept. I’ve put the list below together to show a small number of the movies that include secret compartments, passages, rooms and safes in their stories.

What movies would you add?

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Harrison Ford sets in the chair and the ball comes out
Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom – Additional secret passages in this flick
Adam’s Family – Pulled back the book and went to the vault
People Under Stairs – The whole house is secret passages
Cabin in the Woods- Secret passage in the woods where people came out, and a hatch that went into silver room
X-Men First Class – Secret pass to meeting room behind bookcase door
Captain America – Secret passage in back of the store to the lab where they created him
Clue – Secret bookcase doors
Secret Garden – Little girls that live in an orphanage with secret passage between rooms
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe – Portal to Narnia in the back of wardrobe
Goonies – Secret passage in the restaurant in basement behind fireplace
Disturbia – Room where something opened revealed secret passage where he kept people
Looper – Hatch to the silver hoard
Time Bandits – Portal
Panic Room – Secret door to hidden panic room
Conspiracy Theory – Secret escape route out his apartment
Spies Like Us – Run down gas station, guy in the suit says order a Pepsi and the floor drops
Harry Potter – These movies in general contain a variety of secret passages
Hostage – Secret passage in the house from one room to another
Batman – TV show, move the head and
Watchman – underground deal,
House – Portals
Aladin – Push the rock to the side
National Treasure – Secret passages in multiple scenes
13 Ghosts –
The Cube –
Big Trouble, Little China – There was a hidden area where they keep that woman tied up on the bed
1408 – Haunted room, portal
Casper –
Haunted Mansion –
Mr and Mrs Smith – Hidden rooms where guns and money are
Dark Shadows – Johnny Depp, puts cane in fireplace and secret passage opens up
Pan’s Labrynth
Real Genius – Closet secret passage
Shawshank Redemption – Secret tunnel behind poster to escape
Star Wars – The millennium falcon
Nothing But Trouble –
The Pianist – Schindler’s List – Anne Frank’s Diary
The Princess Bride – Passage at the tree when they torture Wesley
Green Hornet – Car flips over in the ground
Absolute Power – Closet with mirror
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – The books in the bookcase slide to the right to reveal a security safe
James Bond : Live and Let Die – There’s a moving armoire that exits to a parking garage. There’s also a revolving restaurant booth in the Harlem scene.
James Bond : Moonraker – There’s a secret safe under the clock that raises up to be accessed.
Matrix Reloaded – When going to meet the Key Maker they go through a secret rotating bookcase door

Men In Black 3 (2012)- Tommy Lee Jones’ character has a retractable bookcase that lifts up to reveal a large room with an arsenal of alien weaponry.

James Bond: Skyfall (2012) – The old homestead estate has a secret door near the fireplace to a tunnel that leads to an entrance several hundred feet outside.

X-Men: First Class (2011) – Moira MacTaggert views Emma Frost and company through a crack in a secret bookcase door.

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