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A lot of people dream of walking down the stairs to their private vault in the basement to retrieve that special vintage bottle of wine.  Others imagine walking into a vault that displays their entire collection of firearms. I personally would like both of those, and another discreet vault hidden behind a secret bookcase door for my stash of silver and gold.

These desires drive many to build their own vaults. In many cases if you’re building a new home or performing major renovations, adding a vault to project is a doable project. Concrete can be poured like a conventional basement with an additional concrete slab above. If you’re going to all the work to build a vault, however, you will eventually need a vault door.

Vault doors range from small pre-made steel models, to 40-ton stainless steel behemoths locked locked up in basements of incredible banks around the world. Cost is generally a factor in residential vault installs, so customers tend to favor the entry level door kits made of steel that start around $1700-$2500. These are walk through doors with steel frames, generally about 6″ thick with fireproofing built in.

Residential vault doors by Sportsman Steel Safes

Doors shown here are made by the same manufacturer of the self-filled concrete doors in the article.

There is a new low cost vault door that makes shipping, handling and installing the vault door much easier. It’s the self-filled concrete vault door. This door is shipped as a 750 lb steel vault door with hollow areas in it. Once the vault door is mounted, the customer pours concrete into the top of the door turning it into a 1750 lb 4-hour fire vault door.

Sportsman Steel Safes offers these doors, starting at $799.  The door is 5″ thick, with an 8″ overall thickness. I haven’t seen these in person, but they seem like a good overall value and a perfect entry level vault door for the do-it-yourselfer.


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