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Hidden Stash Space in Bed Frame

Secret Storage Under Lift-Up Bed

This bed frame from IKEA allows the mattress to pivot up and reveal a secret storage area underneath. It makes good use of wasted space, but this concept could be used to custom build a much stronger secure area below your bed. Or I guess you could just get a Bed Bunker.

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Large secret compartment concealed in top of headboard

Secret Compartment in Bed Headboard

One of the most useful and unsuspecting pieces of stash furniture I’ve seen in a while is this headboard from Secret Compartment Furniture. The top panel of this shaker-style headboard lifts up to reveal a secret compartment cavity across the entire width of the bed. This could be used for weapons, personal items, medication and […]

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Secret safe stash compartment under bed for gun and valuable storage

Bed Bunker Secret and Secure Storage

The Bed Bunker is a secret safe that fits under your mattress to make use of wasted space, and securely store guns and valuables. You’d have to push your significant other off the bed to get to a firearm stored there in an emergency, but they are accessible in your bedroom if needed. These are […]

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