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Secret Waterproof Magnetic Case

Uses for Magnetic Stash Boxes

Waterproof Magnetic Easily Protects Keys, Passports, Phones, Multitools and Cash Check out our selection of magnetic secret stash boxes here for more information. Keys – The need for security in our modern world means we all deal with keys. Our homes, cars, workplaces, storage lockers, bikes, safes and many other items require a key to […]

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Lockable Car Console and Safe

Universal Car Safe Console

This console from Tuffy is made to be universal and fit a variety of vehicles with space between the front or rear seats. It immediately ads an armrest and cup holders to any space. There’s a space for a stereo, CB or other radio with a metal cover that can be flipped up for protection. […]

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Gum Container Becomes Secret Compartment

DIY Secret Compartment for Cup Holder

We found this quick little hack on Wonder How To.com. The author of the particular article takes a round candy/gum dispenser and covers the top with a rubber sheet cut in a round shape to fit their cup holder. When the rubber piece is affixed with double sided tape, the whole unit can be concealed […]

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