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Secret Waterproof Magnetic Case
Waterproof Magnetic Easily Protects Keys, Passports, Phones, Multitools and Cash

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Keys – The need for security in our modern world means we all deal with keys. Our homes, cars, workplaces, storage lockers, bikes, safes and many other items require a key to gain access and/or use. A secret stash box for concealing keys can come in handy in many situations. The small magnetic weatherproof boxes can be used to store spare keys underneath a car or truck in case the primary keys are lost. Surfers, runners and other outdoor enthusiasts that travel light can use a container like this to hide their valuables under a vehicle while they’re away. Owners of camper trailers and cabins can stash keys away in a box like this for any trusted visitors that may need to use the facilities while the owner is away.

Cash – Everyone needs a little cash stash. A magnetic box allows someone to easily tuck that cash away outside of view, even in a small residence or rented home where it’s difficult to permanently install a proper safe. A magnetic box can be affixed to any metal surface in the home, and can easily be concealed behind a refrigerator, washer, dryer, water heater, under a bed, in a file cabinet, AC ducting or any number of other places. A thief entering a home generally works to get in and out as quickly as possible and will search the most commonly lucrative areas first. They are much less likely to find a well concealed stash. You can use a magnetic box to store a secret stash of cash in or under your car as well in case you were ever to get robbed or stranded.

Magnetic Under Car Stash Box
Slim Magnetic Under Car Secret Compartment

Phone – Well-made magnetic stash boxes are completely weatherproof and a great place to ensure that your phone will stay safe in any weather or environment. They can be attached to a car, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle and easily accessed as needed. A magnetic box can be attached out of view to conceal your valuables and phone while you’re away from your vehicle.

Identification – Your ID, whether it’s a driver’s license, passport or some other form of identification, can be one of most important assets. Losing your primary ID can make driving a car, boarding a plane, cashing checks, receiving wired funds and other essential tasks exceptionally difficult. A magnetic car safe box can be a great solution to hide your ID and valuables while at the beach, or traveling where the hotel doesn’t have a safe. It’s an ideal place to put your ID and other valuables if you are ever on long road trips or driving through hostile areas.

Credit Cards – At the trailhead or at the beach in the modern world, your credit or debit card may be the most valuable thing you have on you. If you’re in a place where security is an issue, and you’re not going to be carrying anything on your person, a magnetic stash box is a great solution to tuck any cards and valuables away out of sight. It’s important to not make it obvious when accessing or affixing the stash box to the underside of your car if people are watching. Learn where it is on your vehicle so you can attach and remove quickly, without looking.

Glasses/Fragile Items – Sometimes you just want to protect things from the environment. Most magnetic stash boxes are made tough and completely weatherproof and can be conveniently placed in many locations. If you have a workshop, barn or shed, you realize that they are often dirty and/or neglected at times. They aren’t far from the outdoors, and everything inside needs to be positioned and protected as if it were outside. If you have reading glasses, small tools, or other items that need to stay dry, clean and protected, many can easily be be placed in a magnetic dry box and protected from all the elements.

Compact Magnetic Stash Box
Magnetic Stash Box with Camera and Keys

Registration/Insurance – Most cars and trucks have glove boxes that we associate with storing the necessary documents for driving on public roads. Trailers and some motorcycles do not though. If you have a trailer, you need to keep the registration with it. Trailers are usually made of straight sections of angle iron and tube steel and are great surfaces to mount a magnetic box to. The rest of the trailer is completely exposed to the elements, but a weatherproof magnetic box can protect all of its contents.

Secret Compartment Under RV for Concealing Keys and Tools

Firearm – The most common magnetic stash boxes aren’t large enough to conceal a standard handgun. Some are large enough to house a compact or small caliber pistol, though. They will fit inside many standard sizes and can be hidden in the home, office, garage or vehicle. Be aware of local laws when hiding a firearm in a vehicle. Concealed firearms require

Medication – There are reasons to hide your prescription medication. The number of people undergoing treatment for prescription painkiller drug abuse and addiction quadrupled from 2004 to 2010, and is a growing crisis. Hopefully you live in an environment where theft of your medication is not a concern. If so, we’re not talking to you. We’re talking to people in dorms, apartments or nursing homes where you may be tight quarters with people you do not know and/or trust. These boxes can be stuck to bed frames, sides of stereos, under metal shelves, behind washers and dryers, on water heaters and other places.

Magnetic stash boxes can fit under the hoods of many vehiclees.

Notes – We know some folks that use a hidden box with their campers, rentals or getaway cabins.  They let the guest or visitor know where it’s located at, and it can have notes on how where essential things are and how they work. 

Small Tools –  Some friends of StashVault have used these rugged stash boxes to store small tools, writing utensils, and other needed objects outdoors and close to the work at hand. Weatherproof magnetic boxes can be attached to heavy equipment, tractors, trailers, campers or machinery in industrial settings to keep any number of items safe, dry, and fully protected from the elements.

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Secret Compartment for Car and Truck
Extra large magnetic stash box can hold valuables securely under your car or truck.
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