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Secret Dog Playroom Behind Secret Bookcase Door

Secret Dog Playroom Behind Bookcase Door

Barking bookcase? Don’t be surprised! This bookcase door and secret room was custom built into a home in Houston’s Bridgeland community, by Trendmaker Homes. They took a normal doorway and created a custom built-in set of shelves. At a moment’s notice you can swing the door into the room and reveal a secret dog playroom! […]

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Secret Sliding Bookcase Door

Automatic Secret Library Bookcase Door

This secret bookcase door project got taken a little farther than most. After building a bookcase door that slides into a false wall cubby, user Kirzbleen at Instructables added an actuator with programming to open the door automatically. This secret door took months to plan an build, but the overall result it perfect. The door […]

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Deck Hatch Secret Cellar Passages

Deck Hatches to Hide Cellar Entrances

Yesterday we presented a custom deck trap door that allowed access to an external cellar basement door. That set us on a journey to see what other options there were for the same function. We found this company, LuciGold, that makes hatches for this specific purpose. Each of these hatches removes the need of opening […]

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DIY Double Secret Bookcase Doors

DIY Bookcase Doors to Secret Room

We were surfing The Owner Builder Network the other day and came across this great DIY double bookcase door. The user SPECTREcat did a complete write-up on how they built this completely hidden entrance to their new secret room. They cut out the door opening from the wall and reinforced the door frame. Then they […]

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Secret Bookcase Door

Secret Bookcase Door to Bedroom

We found this great bookcase door in a collection on LuxeSource.com. The bookcase is built into the office of a large house and opens to reveal a passage to the master quarters. Hidden doors like this can be creatively added to nearly any home, but are much more easily included from the planning phase of […]

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Secret Bookcase Door - Open

Secret Door from Ikea Bookshelves

Confronted with a bedroom in the basement with no separation from the TV room, user deanaronson over at Ikea Hackers created this wall of bookshelves with a secret door. They used three 30″ wide bookcases and a 15″ case on the far left to create the divider. The back was strengthened by adding plywood to […]

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Secret Faux Bookcase Door

Stairs Behind Secret Bookcase Door

This secret door on Hometalk is a good example of a faux bookcase door. It looks like a bookcase from a distance, but to safe weight and space the bookcase have been cut down and permanently affixed to the shallow shelves. While not making the space useful as both a door and storage space, this […]

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Secret Closet Door DIY

DIY China Cabinet Secret Closet Door

This DIY secret door is from Angie’s Roost. They took a corner china cabinet, beefed it up, and added casters to the bottom. Then they hinged it to the wall so it could act as a door for the small closet. It’s not a total secret, because you can see the wheels below, but it […]

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