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Secret electrical wall socket stash safe conceals valuables

Secret electrical socket stash safes

Secret electrical socket safes are a great entry-level stash spot purchase, and are a great addition to a complete security plan as well. These are geared more toward folks the own their home, but if you install these in an apartment you’ll likely have your deposit back before they realize the outlet isn’t working.  Everyone […]

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Home Security Combination Safe

Using Safes for Multiple Purposes

Using Safes for Multiple Purposes: viktormorgan: When it comes to special measures for keeping important papers, guns and other items secure, there are a number of different types of safes available. Consumers can choose from items designed to be use…

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Safes, Cash Wash Up on Japan Shores After Tsunami.

Safes, Cash Wash Up on Japan Shores After Tsunami.: djdkt88: OFUNATO, Japan – There are no cars inside the parking garage at Ofunato police headquarters. Instead, hundreds of dented metal safes, swept out of homes and businesses by last month’s tsunami, crowd the long rectangular building.Any one could hold someone’s life savings.Safes are washing up […]

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