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Heel of Leather Shoe Holds Whiskey Bottle

Secret Compartment in Heel of Shoe

This secret compartment is more novelty than anything else. The compartment is only concealed when you’re feet are on the floor, but we wanted to feature it anyways. These $500 leather shoes from Oliver Sweeney include a custom heel that conceals a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Scotch Whisky. If you ever need fancy footwear […]

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Women's platform shoes with hidden compartment in heel

Secret Compartment High Heel Shoes

Carolina over at Double Agent Shoes has created an entire line of women’s platform/high heel shoes with secret compartments in the heel. The compartments are large enough for ladies to store money, credit cards, ID, keys, makeup–and even personal care items, like tampons, inside their shoes. The compartment doors are spring-operated that work on reverse […]

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Platform shoe with secret stash compartment

Secret Compartment Platform Shoes

These shoes aren’t going to compete in many fashion competitions, but they do include secret compartments and features to assist a female in case of attack. Targeted at sex workers, the platform shoes contain storage areas for valuables, an audible alarm, and an emergency GPS locator. These are targeted at sex workers due to an […]

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