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Trap Door to Underground Storm Shelter

Trap Door to Underground Storm Shelter

Atlas Survival Shelters creates these custom underground shelters to fit any need you may have. They are designed to be buried at least 10ft below ground level. This trap door is one way to enter it from the top. These underground pods can connect together, or it can open up into a house above.

Each shelter is constructed to be airtight at the factory and then transported to to location where final fabrication occurs. Atlas has been making bomb shelters for over 65 years and have worked out most of the common issues you’ll run into underground. All shelters are equipped with a CO2 scrubber to remove carbon dioxide from the air if you’re air pipes get blocked or you have to shut down your air system.

Underground Shelter in Transport

Underground Shelter on Truck

These shelters are also unique because they offer 1 way in and 2 ways out. The second way out is an inward swinging door that cannot be blocked. It is located 5ft beneath the surface and has 4 ft of sand on top of it. In a worst case scenario, you can crank this door open, the send falls in and you path to the surface is secured.

Interior of Atlas Survival Shelter

Interior of Atlas Survival Shelter

Since the shelter have a flat floor in a 10ft or 12ft corrugated pipe, there is more than ample storage space beneath the floor in these bunkers. The floors are all made of mahogany, dried hemp or birch to prevent mold or bacteria. These shelters can be buried up to 42ft deep and have an estimated life of 200 years. If you’re looking to add an underground shelter any time soon, these guys seem like a good bet.

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