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If you’re reading this page, you either have something valuable to store or are hoping to acquire something of value down the road that needs to be kept secure.  Here’s a list of underground vaults and storage facilities to help fill secure long and short term needs. These facilities generally exist in geologically stable areas where they can repurpose an old mine, quarry or underground facility of some kind.

Secure, Private Underground Vault Space for Rent

Secure Private Underground Vault

Underground Archives – This is one of the best facilities for private individual vaults I was able to find. They offer vaults down to 100 sq. ft. The space is located under 300 ft. of stone in western Pennsylvania.

Rent Custom Underground Private Vault Space

Custom Underground Private Vaults

Underground Vaults and Storage – These guys are the 800 lb gorilla. They have underground storage facilities built from salt mines in Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri that offer completely customized private vaults and rooms to meet your specifications. They also offer drawer storage, box storage, and media vaults. Pricing varies and is based on individual quote. If you or your business have a very specific need, and the fact that the facility is located away from major metropolitan areas, Underground Vaults and Storage should be able to fill the order.

Rent or Lease Secure Underground Private Vault and Warehouse Storage

Secure Underground Warehouse Facility

Marengo Warehouse – The southern Indiana location is one of the largest underground storage facilities with over 3,000,000 sq. ft. of available space. 36 miles of tunnels were carved out to in an underground limestone quarry. Now over one-third of the chambers have been developed into modern storage space in 100,000 sq ft sections. Paved, double-lane roadways 60 feet wide with ceilings 30 feet high mean customers can route OTR trucks and container loads of product and material directly to their own internal docks at Marengo. They can custom build space to your specs. You can also avoid inventory taxes since Indiana charges no inventory tax.

Secure Underground Storage and Private Vaults

Secure Underground Climate-Controlled Vaults

Commercial Distribution Center, Inc – Located in Independence, MO, this facility specializes in being able to handle your distribution needs as well. They have over 18.5 acres of freezer space.

Underground Warehouse, Vault, Manufacturing, and Office Space

Secure Underground Office and Storage Space

Meritex – These guys own warehouse and storage facilities in 8 states including over 3,000,000 sq. ft of subsurface space near Kansas City.

Secure Underground Vaults for Warehousing, Record Storage, and Data Centers

Secure Underground Data Center Vault

Ozark Mountain Complex – Over 3,000,000 sq. ft. of 34′ high rock solid space encased in dolomite provides a 65 degree environment inside this complex in Branson, MO.

Deep Underground Secure Private Storage Vaults

Ultra Secure Private Underground Vaults

Restore.co.uk – Restore provides “Ultra Secure Vaults” deep underground in an ex-military establishment. You can choose between lock and keypads, and record all movement with CCTV.


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