Secret Pockets to be Sewn in Pants

Secret Pockets to Sew in Pants

We found these secret pockets from the Hobo Traveler on Amazon. They are pockets ready to be sewn or iron on taped into any pants to add a secret stash spot. They are big enough to hold a US passport, iPhone, money clip, cellphone or a fat wallet.

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Secret Closet Door DIY

DIY China Cabinet Secret Closet Door

This DIY secret door is from Angie’s Roost. They took a corner china cabinet, beefed it up, and added casters to the bottom. Then they hinged it to the wall so it could act as a door for the small closet. It’s not a total secret, because you can see the wheels below, but it […]

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Lockable Car Console and Safe

Universal Car Safe Console

This console from Tuffy is made to be universal and fit a variety of vehicles with space between the front or rear seats. It immediately ads an armrest and cup holders to any space. There’s a space for a stereo, CB or other radio with a metal cover that can be flipped up for protection. […]

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Secret Compartment Furniture - Coffee Table with False Bottom Gun Storage

Hidden Gun Storage in Coffee Table

This coffee table from VCT Woodworks on Etsy has a false bottom that can be lifted out to access the firearms storage compartment below. This setup may be a little more inconvenient than others to store a quick access firearm, but it still keeps your guns close by and out of the way.

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Secret Compartment Kitchen Furniture

Hidden Drawer in Kitchen Cabinet Unit

We’ve featured some items from Meginnis Customs before. Here they have a custom kitchen cabinet unit that can hold your microwave, appliances or other items. In the hutch above is a secret drawer that can hold valuables, a firearm or whatever you may need. Item can be made to order using any wood you choose.

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