Small Secret Compartment Shelf

Small Sliding Hidden Storage Wall Shelf

Small wall shelf easily conceals, keys, cash and small valuables. We found this small wall shelf on Etsy. It looks like it’s 3D printed and connects to the wall with simple screws. The actual shelf slides out to reveal a cash sized compartment below. Shelf in close position leaves no trace of hidden secret. Available […]

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Secret Waterproof Magnetic Case

Uses for Magnetic Stash Boxes

Waterproof Magnetic Easily Protects Keys, Passports, Phones, Multitools and Cash Check out our selection of magnetic secret stash boxes here for more information. Keys – The need for security in our modern world means we all deal with keys. Our homes, cars, workplaces, storage lockers, bikes, safes and many other items require a key to […]

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Secret Passages and Hidden Doors in Movies

This site was created due to curiosity about and a desire to create secret stashes. This desire is shared by a number of people, but since the topic is inherently about secrecy, it doesn’t get discussed much. That said, we are constantly bombarded with the concept. I’ve put the list below together to show a […]

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Bindle Secret Compartment Water Bottle

Secret Compartment Water Bottle

This double wall, vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps your beverages at the right temperature for up to 12 hours. BPA free and employing a leak-free cap, this water bottle is a great companion for any day to day adventures. The best part about this flask is the hidden storage it conceals. The bottom […]

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Secret Compartment Professional Watch

Secret Compartment Watch

This professional looking watch, with a stainless steel case and luminous hands and indices, hold a secret. Under normal circumstances, it keeps time and provides a good looking accessory like any other watch. But when you unscrew the back, a hidden compartment is revealed that can hold folded bank notes, jewels, microUSB cards or other […]

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Jeep JK Lockable Secret Compartment

Locking Secret Car Compartment for Jeep JK

This lockable storage compartment fits snuggly in the cubby in the back of Jeep JK Wranglers. If you’re a Jeep JK owner, especially if you frequently travel without a top, you’ll understand the need for some additional secure storage in your vehicle. VDP has a lockable secret compartment that fits into the factory cubby in […]

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Multi-tiered Drawer

Multi-Tiered Hidden Drawer Storage

These kits allow you to create multi-tiered storage to maximize the the organized capacity of common drawers. This product, available from KraftMaid, creates a second layer of storage within your kitchen or other household drawers. We like this because it allows for more organization and better use of space when storing small items. But these […]

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False Bottom in Heirloom Chest

False Bottom Heirloom Chest

This custom made heirloom keepsake box has a false bottom that reveals a secret compartment. We recently discovered the seller Crows Creek Customs on Etsy. They’ve been creating these high end, custom keepsake boxes for customers for a while. While each box consists of quality hardwoods and incorporate secret hinges, they also contain another secret. […]

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Secret Storage Behind Mirror

Secret Shoe Storage Behind Mirror

I know plenty of folks that wish they had some extra space in the bedroom, especially when it comes to storing shoes. This piece is geared toward a female crowd, but could come in handy for many men and couples as well.In it’s normal position, this standing mirror is a good looking bedroom fixture, giving […]

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Hidden Storage Drawer in Nightstand

DIY Secret Drawer within Drawer

We have covered a lot of nightstands with different types of secret compartments. This nightstand built by the AbonenDaw user on YouTube has a different twist though. That twist is the drawer handle on the top drawer. If you turn it one direction, you pull out the primary drawer like normal. You’ll notice that drawer […]

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