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Custom hidden stash compartment built into the wall

Secret Wall Compartment

How to make a drop down in wall secret stash safe

Drop-Down Wall Safe

This is a simple but brilliant homemade in wall secret stash safe. It consists of an open faced wooden box placed in between the studs of a wall during construction. The box should slide up and down within the studs freely. This method could be modified to use drawer slides if you wanted to make sure operation was smooth and quiet. A board is nailed across the studs. Then magnets are used to hold the box up off the ground. The space below is left open in the drywall, and that opening is covered with an air vent grate. The finished product looks just like a vent, even if you pulled the vent off you would see nothing, unless you looked up. There you’d find a handle you can pull down and access the secret compartment. You can find additional secret stash pictures and ideas here.

Secret Air Vent Drop-Down Wall Stash

Air Vent Secret Compartment

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