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We’ve narrowed down the top manufacturers of vault doors and listed them below with a few of each’s key features or offerings.

Green secure vault door installed by Liberty safe

Liberty Safe Vault Door

Liberty Safe Vault Doors – Liberty Safes has been around since 1988. They offer a standard 6″ think, 950 lb.vault door in black and green. Doors have a heat activated relocker and dual external relockers secure against pounding or drilling. They also come with 24K gold accents and a standard interior release door handle.

Antique Mosler Safe vault door

Antique Mosler Vault Door

Frank Zykan Safe & Vault, LLC – You can get new and used vault doors at Zykan Safe, as well as safe deposit boxes and entire modular vault systems and panic rooms. They also do complete restorations of old vault doors and safes. Inventory usually includes several several antique Mosler crane hinge vault doors.

Custom Brown Safe ballistic vault door

Brown Safe Vault Door

Brown Safe – These guys are the real deal. They produce some very high end residential and commercial vault doors and specialized luxury safes. Most doors can be purchased with their stainless steel option, and Brown Safe caters to customization. They have long standing ties with a network of security institutions that allow them to find and relocate large antique collector vault doors as well. If you have a larger than average budget, talk to Brown.

Sportsman Steel Safes Residential Vault Doors

Sportsman Safes Vault Doors

Sportsman Steel Safes – Choose from a wide variety of vault door ratings and sizes, or order custom. These doors are priced very reasonably, and they include interesting offering like the low-cost self poured concrete vault doors and concealed vault doors that are designed to have standard household doors installed in front of them. Their vault doors can be used as panic or safe room doors as well by installing a fail proof internal release.

Universal Browning vault door

Residential Browning Vault Door

Browning – Their main offering is a universal vault door about 5.5″ thick. It includes an internal lock release to open the door from the inside as well. These doors have a gold-plated, 3-spoke handle, external ball bearing hinges and can be ordered in primer so you can paint to match your decor. Search for “vault door” on their site.

Sturdy Safe Out-Swing Vault Door

Sturdy Safe Vault Door

Sturdy Gun Safe Manufacturing – Over 50 years of steel fabrication has helped them nail down a few details. They make a solid universal vault door in several sizes. Door is approx 3″ thick, with 5/16″ steel plate on the front and weighs about 600 to 700 lbs. depending on your fire rating. They also make in-swing versions of their vault doors to be used in storm shelters and panic rooms.

AMSEC Residential Vault Door

AMSEC Vault Door

AMSEC – This US company that has focused on safes and vault doors for 60 years. AMSEC has a universal vault door available in several textured finishes with different fire ratings available. The door contains an internal release, and you can lock the door from the inside as well.

Smith Security Safe Stainless Steel Safe

Smith Security Safe Vault Door

Smith Security Safes – Offering both light and heavy vault doors, they offer several variations to fit your needs. You can get vault doors finished with stainless steel, and they can paint your name on the door for a custom look. They can build out entire vault rooms for firearms and other collections as well.

Custom Residential and Commercial Vault Doors

Custom Safe and Vault Doors – If you need commercial bank vault doors, and/or modular vault panel systems, contact this division of KL Security. They have doors rated to Class 5 security, and they are architecturally very impressive. They can custom build any type of door you need.

Falcon Safe Strong Room Door

Falcon Safe Vault Door

Falcon Safe – They offer a couple simple strong room doors. Available painted or in stainless steel, all can be equipped with time locks.

Epic Safes

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